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Buckle and Bangle

Belt Buckles, Bangles, Bracelets and Walking Sticks

Copper and brasswork, Belt buckles, bangles, bracelets, walking sticks. To own jewellery item, belt buckle, or a walking stick that has been bespoke-made can be very pleasing. All hand made items cannot be exactly the same; there will always be slight differences, which makes designs to be very individual. Designs added to our products can make for a design link to a persons hobby, trade or profession or commissioned for the pleasing design alone. Please inquire with your interest. Prices start at £16 for the most basic and simple design of copper bangle or copper finger ring.


Our Custom Made, Hand Crafted Feature motif walking sticks and Belt Buckles prices start at £60 for feature walking sticks and £40 for motif featured Belt Buckles. Imprinting Motif Designs into Copper and Brass work is a standard feature. Cast Brass Motifs of many different designs are available to add extra design impact and Novelty interest. Themed, Hand Crafted walking sticks and Belt buckles designs can be 'Classic/Traditional' and we believe that a little Humour in a product is Fun. Choosing a design that relates to the owners occupation or Hobby interest can be well received. Whether a Motif featured walking stick, or motif themed Belt buckle is for yourself or as a gift, please phone or write with your design idea's and we will respond with the Cost, time it would take to make and design suggestions.

Bangles Mixed Bangles Ring and Bangles

The photographs above show some of our bangle design range. Copper pendants are also shown which would be worn with a cord, leather thong or a chain that we do not supply. All of our copper and brasswork products have a signature stamp which is positioned to be out of view. If you are looking for a unique item that is very different, bespokly made for yourself or as a gift present, we would be pleased to fulfill a commissioned order. Delivery time varies from a few days to weeks for more involved product designs.

Belt Buckles

Large belt buckles are more suited to the following imprinted designs; eagle, horse head, Pegasus, deer head, rams head, badgers head, cockerel. Brass castings, when available are a useful item in our design range. Many designs can be fixed to large belt buckles and some casting designs can be fixed to walking sticks, mounted onto the sticks top brass curve strap. Copper bracelets, bangles and finger rings can have a therapeutic property, being helpful to people who suffer from arthritis.  Copper material is an earthy element with a nice feel, however it does tarnish especially when worn all the time and in the work place. Therefore it will not suit every person.

Heat colouring can be applied to most of our designs on request and this can look particularly nice applied to belt buckles. All our designs are made to look old world or antique, as if it were found at an ancient archaeological site.  Many of our designs are Celtic in style and snake motifs are a common theme. Bangles and bracelets are made to many design complexities, some light and some heavy.  Some to be a loose fit and others to be a snug and flexible fit. Personally I wear both types and some stay on my wrist all the time

Walking Stick

Our standard walking stick design is shown in the photograph, it can be embellished with imprinted designs onto the copper shaft sleeve. A range of design patterns are available; deer head, badgers head, boars head, rams head, Celtic horse, (right or left facing), wren, cockerel, hose head, Celtic boar, Celtic snake, rabbit. Other designs are available. Brass castings when available can be fixed to the hook brass strap. These castings are usually animal designs and can add a novel design element to a stick. Prices start at £60


Hand built pocket pen knives, (approx.- 140mm in length) are shown in the photograph and can make for a nice retirement present for perhaps a gardener. They are very involved to make and prices on application.

Duck Walking Stick

(Above) - An example of a Copper/Brasswork embellished walking Sticks.
* Other examples are shown on our Unusual Presents page.

Large Bracelet Small Bracelet

(Above) - Examples of Heavy and Large style Hinging Bracelets.
* Many styles and designs are available for Copper/Brasswork Bracelets and Bangles.

Celtic Pendant Copper Bracelet

A Modified Brass Celtic style design has been made to wear as a Pendant.

Examples of Hand made Copper Bracelets/Bangles, Copper and Brasswork Belt Buckles and Copper and Brasswork embellised Walking Sticks.

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