The architecturally designed and iron-formed, ultimate strength, range of metal Garden Arches, Pergola Arches, Gazebos, Arbours & Bowers. 

*Please see a strength demonstration photograph on the price list.


The Sandringham bolt together garden arch & pergola arch range are designed to be supplied in a self colour iron form metal finish.

A standard Sandringham garden arch (photograph opposite ) is supplied with deep bolt on ground support feet.

Width; 60 inches    Height (excluding feet); 91 inches x Depth; 20 inches
In self colour iron finish. Smaller width sizes available.

Various ironwork designs & larger sizes of Sandringham garden arches are also available for 'Open ground' or as 'Lean to' design fixing.  Extra long arch designs are supplied as additional bolt on unit sections. Wide arch sizes up to 90 inches are available with the Sandringham garden arch & pergola arch design range.

A range of arch top shape designs are shown below, plus an extra wide double unit Pergola arch diagram & two demonstration photographs. 

Garden Arch

The 'Tunnel Arch' length of an Garden arch can be as long as required, and designs can be added to at a later date if also required.

*Please Note , When measuring for an arch unit to span over a Pathway, please make an allowance for pillar support feet, especially if they are to be 'Bolt on ' Deep ground support type . We quote for arches as overall measurements.

Our 'Sandringham' garden arch system is more popular with customers that require many side bars for plants to climb over and also for the design feature of being supplied in self colour ironwork .(As photographs)

*If a garden Arch unit is to have a side 'Walk Through' access, then our Box section pillar arch designs our our 'Open Plan' Obelisk support designs may better suit.

(Right) A Sandringham Arch System (four ladder pillar) designed pergola unit. (Up to:- 3m x 3m plan size) designed to be self colour ironwork or painted on request.

garden arches



Narrow Arch Units with shallow round bar arch curves that can be supplied with metal pillars, or for customers own wood pillars.


'Park style' design iron fencing available on request.

. .

When designing extended 'bolt linked' units of Sandringham arches for a price quote, it pays to design the arch unit lengths to be as LONG as possible. ( Max- unit length ;  60 inches). This will avoid the cost of an excessive amount of pillars, pillar support feet, horizontal connecting iron bars & fixings.

Equal lengths of 'bolt on' arch units will result in an equal spacing of pillar supports & this is the way we would supply an arch assembly . un- equal arch unit lengths bolted together may be required by some customers & we ask that size details are supplied with any price quote enquiry.  As standard Sandringham garden arches are supplied in self colour ironwork form & have side of unit horizontal iron connecting bars positioned at four side height levels.  The amount of arch roof iron connecting bars will vary according to width of the garden arch required & will be shown on any price quote.

*Please also see the 'Highlighted'   How to order section below for further details of our garden arch system design types & a helpful guide & price quote form page link.

Garden arches manufactured in wrought ironwork are available in many sizes and include the following design styles and fixing type descriptions.

Free standing garden arches and pergola garden arches for positioning in open ground garden areas and across pathways.

'Lean to' garden arches and pergola arches for positioning along a wall with arch top fixings of: 'wall to pillar' or 'wall to wall'.

The width size of garden arches is the measurement across the entrance of an arch design.

The depth size of garden arches is the measurement along the side of the arch design.

We are pleased to quote for made to measure garden arches (as examples, right)

This is an extra wide pergola arch design.

garden arches


Arch top Arbour frame designs and pergola designs to assemble over patio's or garden seating area's are also available. The diagram opposite shows various curve top profile design styles with pillar and "Bolt to wall" type of frame support fixing.

Garden Cabin

Garden arch designs that fix to garden cabins & summer houses are an attractive garden feature.

*Special arch top attatchment brackets can be supplied to fit around low level eaves and guttering obstacles if required.


garden arches


Special styled Pergola / Gazebo ironwork designs to span over a seating area or a walkway are made to order. Please enquire with size requirements.

garden arches



We are pleased to quote for made to measure pergolas (as examples, right)

This is an extra wide pergola arch design.

wrought ironwork pergolas


 Various width & depth sizes are available for single unit Pergola style garden arches. Open ground' design type or 'Lean to fixing' type.   (diagram opposite)


wrought ironwork pergolas

A 'Lean To' garden Arch design, 'Open Plan' Style. * Special Gap Spaces Between arch pillar supports for some garden arch can be created, up to 3m long.


wrought ironwork pergolas





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The Plymouth obelisk is designed as a Pillar support for our 'Open Plan' garden archways & pergolas systems. 'Open Plan' means requiring NO waist height side support bars along the structures length. This can be very convenient for many reasons plus LARGE spacing gaps are possible between the obelisk pillar supports down the length of the Arch or Pergola design structure. This can be a good cost saving especially with very long designed units.
Arch top widths up to 2500mm can be supplied using this Open Plan System. It mainly depends on the choice of arch top design curve shaping. *Extra wide arches are possible, but can incur a significant extra transport cost.

Spacing gaps of up to 3,000mm between pillar support along the length of the Archway or Pergola can be supplied with our 'Open Plan' design system and can be particularly useful where a long length of 'side access' is required.

An extra special design feature that can also be supplied on this ironwork system is that differing pillar support heights can be supplied if your garden has a significant 'Sideway' ground slope.
See sketch D




The Pillar top ironwork finial motifs design range for garden iron structures are shown in the photograph above & are painted white for photographic purposes only.
The iron Spike motif ( 105mm tall ) is shown left in the photograph & is our standard design for fixing to R.H.S  metal box tube pillars.  Alternative iron finial designs can be supplied on request.  The Sandringham garden arch design range offers a choice of shaped plate iron finials & the designs are:

'Plain pattern'                    'Wave shaped pattern'                 'Ball top pattern'

No pillar top ironwork finials is another design option available on many of our garden ironwork designs  & the arch top design curve is joined directly to the pillar 'Top'.

Please supply a detailed sketch or drawing showing the overall structure size requirements.

*Please 'highlight' mark any critical measurements.  Please also include the number of pillar uprights required & if possible the:   post to post centres measurement (equal spacing of pillars is our standard practice & our standard pillar height is 80 inches, taller if required) The 80 inch height does not include the finial top motif or the ground support foot if either are required. Taller pillars are also available on request.

Roll formed flat metal sections

The photograph above shows examples of  'On Edge' Roll formed Flat metal section steel strip.
This way of constructing an Archway  design shape is both elegant and extremely STRONG.  Please also see our strength demonstration photograph on the price list.

Garden Ironwork structures can be supplied as painted, (Shot blasted and powder coated) with Stainless steel nuts and bolt fixings, or as Self colour Ironwork for customers to paint finish, or to let the Ironwork form a Rust protective coating a 'Cottage Garden' look appeal.

Please CLICK HERE for helpful price quote details and order forms.

We use two main design system types for made to measure garden arches.

TYPE 1.  is the Sandringham design system (page top) & uses a flat metal solid iron bar material as pillar supports.

TYPE 2.  design system is different for the type of pillar support material (R.HS box tube) also for the type of pillar top motif (forged iron spike design) & the various design options for several  or no side of garden arch horizontal unit connecting iron bars. 
** Most of the Arch top design patterns ( A. B. C. D.  K. L & M.) can be fitted to any of our garden arch designs, however, there may be restrictions in arch width possible.  Therefore, we have diagrammed the Arch design pattern on each price quote submission form that we believe suits the garden structure the best. 
*** Only basic D. I. Y. skills are required for assembly & erection of our garden product range.


A typical "Pillar & Bolt to wall" style Pergola Arch design, created to span over a patio area. Please enquire with size requirements for prices of Pergola Arches.

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